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Set Design for Filmmaker Christopher Harris

I just wrapped my first set design gig!

It has been a pleasure to work with filmmakers Christopher Harris and Thomas Comerford on their experimental documentary short films exploring the relationship between Black folks and various bodies of water, including our beloved Lake Michigan. 

This 12' x 20' backdrop was designed with water in mind, layering tulle to give aquatic effects made more dreamy by 16 mm. I tried to translate how I work with paint on paper into fabric and I was pleased with the result.

Huge thank you to Thomas and Chris for inviting me to collaborate on this project and bringing me into their amazing crew this weekend. This was so fun for me and I cannot wait to see how this all looks on 16mm. 

Special shout-outs to the amazing Queen of Big Canvases Jackie Kazarian who directed me to where I could even get such a huge canvas to work with, and to my studio Wild Yams for having a big enough space to hang and work on this prior to the shoot.



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