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A.Martinez gives artist talk for 21c Curator Conversations 9/28

On Tuesday September 28th, 2021, I gave my first official artist talk at the 21c Museum Hotel Chicago. The Curator Conversations invite a curator in the Chicago arts community to invite and artist to be in conservation with them. And I am so happy that my dear friend Olivia Junell chose me!

Thank you to 21c, Adia Sykes, and Olivia for this opportunity to showcase and speak about my work! Olivia asked such good questions, it felt good and it did not feel like we were talking for a full hour.

I was so grateful to have a full room of engaged listeners for asked really interesting questions about my work that allowed me to look inward, and many of which came up afterwards with even more questions or to tell me they enjoyed the talk. WHAT A DREAM! thank you thank you thank you

Watch the full talk below!


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