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A.Martinez Experimental Sound Studio Reading (Video)

The reading last month was a huge success. There was a great turnout and I received so much lovely feedback from people who have never had a chance to hear my poetry before. And now I have this great video to work with and share with people!

I think it will be posted up on Twitch for some time, but I plan to clip these videos into their poems and post online. Very excited to have some real sharable content of my poetry, and it has inspired me to make more.

Thanks again to Experimental Sound Studio for the invite and the platform to share my work. As mentioned in the video, from my fee from this show I made a small donation ($50) to Chicago Volunteer Doulas.

And huge thanks again to everyone who watched the livestream and supported—it means so much to me.

I hope you enjoy the video and I'd love to know what you think, so feel free to drop me a line!

(Click the image above to view the video or head to

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