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Turn is a limited-edition of 100 hand-bound, letterpressed artist book featuring original visual and written work. It will be accompanied by a recording of the poems as well as an audio description. The work included in this collection reference some of the most beautiful and darkest moments of my life, spanning the years when I was pregnant, became a new mom, dealt with substance abuse in the family, a separation, and uprooting and finding a new home. I take solace in making art and writing about these experiences, however, with how isolated we can become, my real lifeline during it all was connecting to other people—knowing that I was not alone, and that others before me have gotten through it. By putting this body of work together, I hope to share these experiences with others who may see themselves not only in my isolation and vulnerability, but also in my strength, my growth, and my joy.

You can see me speak about the project in the video above and visit my 3Arts project page here.

Thank you to all the donors of this crowdfunding campaign for making this project possible: Aaron Cohen, Amelia Visnauskas, Amy Unger, Anita Massari, Anne Patterson, annee ingala, Antony Ablan, Anya Tanyavutti, Arlene & Larry Dunn, Ayanna Woods, Chelsea Ross, Claire Chase, Clara Lyon, Connie Machan, Daniel Schlosberg, David Bontumasi, David Krieg, Deirdre Harrison, Derek Bell, Devin DeLaney, Doyle Armbrust, Erica Hoffman, Giuliana Molinaro, Gordon Kummel, Hannah Israelsohn, Herr/Goldberg Family, Hunter Diamond, Ivan Pyzow, Jennifer Read, Joshua Goldsmith, Julius Moriarty, Justin Kreindler, Kaitlin Foley, Katherine Young, kati llewellyn, Katinka Kleijn, Kira Ticus, Kirsten Tourville, Liam Cunningham, Lily West, Lydia Link, Macie Stewart, Marc Rehmar, Marion Nowak, Mary Jones, Monica Samelson, Nathalie Joachim, Nicholas Jirasek, olivia dockery, Rebekah Heller, Robert Dillon, ryan keesling, Sarahann Kolder, Sima Cunningham, Spencer Tweedy, Svetlana Binshtok, Teniola Odunsi, Theo Espy, Thomas Comerford, Veronica Nemirovsky, and Wendy Spacek. Huge thank you to Sara Slawnik, Mesha Arant and 3Arts for their continued support of my work. 

Projected finish date for Turn is Fall 2022. Check back on this page for project updates and information on acquiring a copy of the artist book. 


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