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Chicago, IL

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I recently got to make a cover for friend and collaborator Ben Lamar Gay's second album 500 Chains, which was released September 28th, 2018 via International Anthem.

I'm really proud of this piece.

Seven pieces of animated, dynamic & melodic, colorful quartet music that...


One of my closest friends asked me to do the album art for his band, Minority Threat, which is an all-black hardcore band based in Columbus. 

This self-titled album was released September 28th, 2018. 

The image is ink, watercolor, pen, and collage on paper. about 15" x 1...


Just finished a book commission last month. Nineteen people of my client's extended family of all ages went on a trip to Puetro Rico and each drew their own little piece while down there on the trip. She hired me to compile all the drawings in a nice little book for th...

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